No procrastination here!

Gwen, your blog on procrastination inspired me and shook me out of the doldrums. Sometimes a little kick in the right spot works wonders. Good stuff!

soft lips caressing

seducing with sweet whispers

unfair advantage

whispering voices

rustling sheets, perfect movements

life’s imperfect dance

restless images

fleeting impressions taunting

kaleidoscope view

random memories

reminiscing past actions

titillating ghosts

Capricious musings

playing mischievously

whimsical notions

I love playing with words Haiku style, one thought leads to another, then another and voila!



5 Replies to “No procrastination here!”

  1. Lovely haikus, Eaton! I enjoy the style too, and yours are very evocative. I’m so glad you broke your procrastination! (And I love your signature too – nice touch!) *hugs*

  2. oh wow Byz another epic Haiku! You write these things with such skill, you’ve got some sort of cunning instinct of word placement! Lovely Byz, you rock at haikus 🙂

  3. More of the good stuff!
    I particularly liked the perfect movements, contrasting with the next line, life’s imperfect dance.
    And the titillating ghosts. A wonderful image.
    Keep it up, passionate poet of mine! E

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