It was suggested recently, on another web site, that my poetry is a little too romantic for some…I’m OK with that! I’m a romantic, optimistic kind o’ gal. But this comment did have me wondering what would be suitably unromantic and I like to rise to the challenge, if a challenge was meant. This is my version of non-romantic poetry. 🙂


Savage thoughts prowling
calculating eyes watching
stalking her every move
Intent clear–
he the thorn, she the rose
want edging him closer
sharp pictures in his head
her, him, flesh on flesh
dirty words playing over
her legs clinging to his hips
bricks scraping her back
growls punctuating the air
the thorn pricking the rose


3 thoughts on “Night Games

  1. Dawn says:

    WOOOO!!! hottness!!!

  2. Fey says:

    oh… um… wow. I’m blushing just so you know. Very poetic symbolism with an extended image throughout that reminds me of metaphysical poetry but it’s a tad more r-rated and even more vivid, very lively and very good *huggles*

  3. Evey Brown says:

    Freudian!!!! And raw. Love this new side of you girl!

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