If you’re involved in the writing community, you’ve surely seen these NaNoWriMo participation badges in various shapes and sizes. As I write this a few weeks in advance, I can only hope my opening effort honors the event.

To be honest, I am equally excited and nervous at the moment. Writing has never created such a mix of emotions before. I’m telling myself this is a good thing. A minor shake-up is good for us, right?

Time will tell if I have that many words in me for one story. So far, I’ve tended to author much shorter pieces. In fact, such a tale is due to be published any day in a science fiction m/m erotica anthology. So I should be on cloud nine anyway, right? That said, I guess I am.

Breathe, Darla. Better.

So much of every day’s outcome depends upon our attitude, right? And taking things day by day is the only way to reach any goal. I hope your attitude is great, your day is good, and that you’re joining me in the truly international National Novel Writing Month.

May good things come your way whatever you choose to do!

3 Replies to “NaNoWriMo”

  1. Great thoughts, Darla! Keep in mind, if you need to, you could always write an anthology of a couple smaller works. The only requirement is fifty thousand words. If you're not ready to write an entire story that length, then you could do two or three novellas and string them together. That would still be an accomplishment and meet the requirements of NaNo.

  2. Darla, I have no doubt that, by hook or by crook, you'll get your words in and they'll be amazing. As much as you're nervous, I can tell you're energized, too. Just let that carry you forward, and do more of that breathing thing whenever you need to 🙂

    Good luck to you, and to all of the NaNoWriMo participants!

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