NaNoWriMo No Mo’

These first few days of December, I find myself reflecting fondly on National Novel Writing Month. I’d feared failing to write fifty thousand words of one story for NaNoWriMo and instead find myself missing the challenge.

In fact, there has been nothing new to come from my imagination since the final day and I’m trying to not let that bother me. I think other factors of life are playing a role, but I’m still hoping each day for that writing bug to bite me again.

As for the story that came from that endeavor, I recall the advice given me by Josh Lanyon, author of the popular Adrien English mystery series. The first thing to do with a new rough draft is nothing – set it aside for at least a few weeks. We shall see if I have a diamond in the rough from that endeavor. In the meantime, I must cultivate patience with my muse. Hopefully, the dam will soon break and fresh storytelling will burst forth.

I hope you’re enjoying your own creative efforts, wherever they may lead.


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  1. Just because it isn't officially isn't NaNo month anymore doesn't mean you can't set yourself a fast-drafting goal to keep yourself motivated.

    I'm glad you've laid the NaNo novel aside for a little while, since I think Josh's advice is very good. And I wouldn't worry about a few writing-free days. You worked very hard in November, and it's perfectly ok to let your mind breathe a bit, so to speak.

    We're about halfway through December now. How many words would you like to get done the rest of this month? 25K? I'm sure you have some characters that are just dying for a little of your time, my friend. Go for it!

  2. Not to be the fan from Hell of Ms. Cameron, but this is something that the Artist Way is useful for – figuring out that there are sometimes fallow times, just as much as there are flood times.

    Play with your Japanese lessons, look up more images, listen to Japanese music, cook, play with your fish… Whatever stocks your image pond. A large project, like NaNo, can, if we're not careful (and sometimes even when we are) exhaust that image well. You just need time to refill it, is all. And I have no doubt you will.

    I still remember the first drabble series I ever read you write: you kept saying, I don't have ideas but here's something. And it's what, several thousand words? And all dialog?

    Not many writers could a) string small beads like that into a necklace or b) write an understandable story with just dialog. So you've got more Story in you than you may realize right this moment. Just exist with yourself and be patient. As you listen, the voice will become louder.

    (Which is all good for me cuz it means more Darlastoreez to read!!)

  3. Nicole, that's great advice. I was going to go back to a thousand words a day but need to not force the WIP I've been struggling to continue. So, I wrote some drabbles. Isn't that ironic, Catherine? I went back to what always gets my juices flowing – one hundred word vignettes. Thanks for the great suggestions! I adore you both for all the support and advice.

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