NaNo; Now What?

A few days ago, I succeeded in amassing a fifty thousand word rough draft to meet the National Novel Writing Month challenge.  I am grateful to NaNoWriMo creators at the non-profit Office of Letters & Light, as well as members of this blog, for the opportunity and the inspiration that made my creation possible.  With the closure of that November madness, I have relaxed from my frantic writing pace (a bit too much, truth be told – I don’t want to lapse back into a recent state in which I barely wrote at all).

So, now what goal should I set?  Wise folk have told me it is best to step back from a new WIP, letting the creative mind take a break between the processes of writing and editing.  With that in mind, I incidentally plan to focus initially on writing for blog posts.  One particular endeavor is overdue for a new chapter on a serial story.
Obviously, posting chapters requires a very different technique from the NaNo rush where no time can be spared to look back.  NaNo is simply a mad rush to produce new material.  Instead of just diving into writing for that blog, I first need to review the chapters so far posted, getting back into the mood of that tale.  I think the distinct change of pace will be most welcome.

Please wish me luck.  And happy December, all.  May you create in abundance, however you proceed.

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  1. That is a huge effort and I have no idea how you did/do it, it's beyond my comprehension. What will you do with the draft? Stupid question perhaps, will you work on it more?

  2. Thanks for the kind word. And it's far from a stupid question. I really should look at it now that some time has passed but the inner critic is holding me back. Ideally, I should think of this as an opportunity to find a diamond in the rough, and hope the nerve to do so does come upon me. Best wishes, Eaton!

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