Memorial to a Writer’s Cat

I lost my best feline pal early this afternoon.  Her little body just couldn’t battle cancer any longer, so we released Luna to peace with the assistance of a very compassionate vet.  Those folks and a local oncology team are forever in my debt for all their tender care.  Today our vets’ office even wrote off the cost of a physical examination after we decided to let her go.  Classy and caring, eh?

I must admit that Luna was not the best of writing buddies, typically demanding attention, often giving a painful claw poke inside my upper arm.  But I wouldn’t have traded her for a bookshelf full of publications.

Yet now I have more time to write.

There are no more daily and weekly medication schedules.  I no longer need monitor her food intake, making sure her two fellow felines eat only their share.  Nor do the litter boxes require constant scooping to prevent toxic chemotherapy chemicals from spreading to others.  I cancelled several pending veterinary visits and can even sleep without sharing my pillow or waking with fur in my hair.


So now I have more time to write.

This is my first, truly intimate pet loss.  The darn cat actually picked me while living on local streets, visiting me in my burgeoning garden.  She insisted on moving in despite my allergies, resulting in the salvation of our other rescued cats.  They just happen to be happy without me as a human futon.

So.  Okay.  Yeah, now I have more time to write…

… and garden, for that matter.


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  1. I'm very sorry for the loss of your beloved cat Luna. It sounds like she was a wonderful and loving companion as that's how many pets are so unconditionally loving towards their humans. You shared a special bond and if you believe in heaven I'm sure Luna's spirit is watching over you. I had a cat named Bianco whom I also was allergic to but took care of he had gotten sick but hid it so well we didn't know until it was too late but he lived a long life. I felt I should have treated him better though but my mother and I cried alot and grieved his passing. It's good to be able to have someone to share your grief with. I hope you have that and I wouldn't worry about the writing. Grief can be stunningly silent. Words can feel meaningless and so you must give yourself time to heal. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have peace and feel better soon. Chantal (Aka Channie)

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! I've gotten a ton of loving support throughout her illness and am grateful for the similar outpouring now. Our pet sitter lost a beloved dog about a year ago, as did my parents. This sharing, despite the pain, certainly brings the benefit of bonding us more deeply with other humans. Best wishes! I'm sure you treated Bianco better than you realize, my friend.

  3. Thanks so much, Rachel! I seem to be doing okay. Thoughts of her now bring more fond gratitude than tearful lament. In fact, for an upcoming post I plan to share a dream that oddly honored her. ~grin!

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