Keeping the Faith

I recently finished reading an m/m book from the “Heaven Sent” series by Jet Mykles. I really enjoyed “Faith”, the story of Heaven Sent drummer Darien and his burgeoning relationship with the lawyer who finalized his divorce. Attorney Chris Faith is not only every bit as likeable as members of the band, his believable flaws make him very approachable to the reader. My kudos to Ms. Mykles.

For his realism, the character actually inspired this blog post with what I consider an interesting dimension. In short, Ms. Mykles created Mr. Faith as a rather stuffy but consummate lawyer with a passion for acting. The Englishman went so far as to have Shakespearian training! This understandably impresses Darien, who wonders what it would be like to watch his new lover on stage. Alas, he seems to keep this admission to himself.

Meanwhile, the lawyer’s reason for staying out of the limelight as legal counsel to actors and musicians stems from a dislike of auditions. His career puts him in touch with people he admires without the potential risks inherent in artistic performance. That sounds exactly like fear sabotaging Chris Faith’s inner creativity.

In my humble opinion, Chris Faith has lost faith in himself. He needs to follow at least one course in Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”. I’m even half tempted to contact Jet Mykles to ask that she evolve this character into a man living his artistic potential. Do you think she’d be amused or think I’m crazy? Maybe I should just keep this fan girl notion to myself. What do you think?

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  1. I'm sure Ms. Mykles would love to hear you enjoyed the story, how much you engaged with the characters, and how you'd like to see more of them. (You love feedback, I bet she does, too!)

    I'm not sure how she'd respond specifically to the suggestion regarding Chris Faith getting more into acting, and showing that on the page. I suspect like the rest of us she has more story ideas than time and energy to get them done, lol.

    I'd say visit her website, get a sense of what she's got in progress at the moment. Then send an email just with the feedback at first, maybe, and based on her response you'll have some ideas how your suggestion would be received.

    I'm glad you liked the story! It's one of my favorites of hers, as well.

  2. I was reading your post Darla and thought, "Sounds like that guy could use a copy of 'The Artist's Way'.

    LOL! Good to have friends that have thoughts on creativity that are similar to mine.

  3. I sure appreciate the feedback, dears! I don't know what I might ever say to the author except that I love her writing. And I've done so just before typing this. 🙂 It's fun to speculate, though. Thanks for the kind words!

  4. Well, as the author, let me say thank you! I'm glad you liked Chris. He's one of my favorite characters in Heaven Sent.

    As for his acting dreams and foibles, I will admit that a lot of that came from my own experience. I wasn't trained in England, but I am Shakespearean trained and I love acting. But I loathe, despise and abhor auditions. I well realize that I sabotage myself in that area. I'm much better at writing 🙂

    I kind of doubt I'll write another story about Chris, to be honest. I like the HS boys where they are and I don't dare mess with their happily ever afters. But it's an interesting idea.

    Also, I'd never heard of The Artist's Way. I'll have to check that out

  5. It's an honor to read your kind comment, Ms. Mykles! I love the happily ever afters you write, so I totally respect your decision. If you ever get over your dislike of auditions, I hope to see you on stage but hope you never give up writing! You have a true gift.

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