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Happy Monday!

Today officially begins our rotating schedule of blogging here on the WRB. I’m Kathleen (or Kat) and you’ll be stuck with my random ramblings every other Monday. I’ll try to keep things as entertaining and informative as possible!

Today I’ll be reviewing an excellent photo compilation site, sexyjack. I was actually just having a discussion last night with some friends about how many hours we have collectively spent viewing this site. It is fabulous! The site consists of page after page of sexy photos. It ranges from classy subtle to the more obvious erotic. The photos are mostly of women, but they throw a man in every now and then too (usually doing something sexy with a woman).

My favorite thing about this site is that it’s updated daily. That’s right, daily! It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Now, to tie this into writing (since this is the blog of a bunch of writers). On our group forum we periodically post a picture as a prompt and then each write a flash story in response. I had never done this before, but find that it is a really great exercise. It’s a lot of fun and very interesting to see the wide variety of entries that are posted all based off the same picture.

I enjoyed doing these exericses enough that I thought it’d be great to compile a few pictures of my own to pull out and use as prompts whenever I needed inspiration, or wanted to take a break from my current project. As an author of erotica, it just made sense to look for sexy pictures (see, it’s not just about the porn!). This is what led me to sexyjack. As an example of the type of thing I’m talking about, check this out:

Does that picture not just scream for its story to be written? I think so.

So, that’s my rambling for today. Hope you enjoyed it. For more from me, you can check out my individual blog here.


6 Replies to “Kat’s Site Reviews – sexyjack”

  1. Thanks, Kathleen. This is a really good idea, to use a picture to jump-start writing. It only makes sense to use erotic pictures to jump-start erotic writing! Thanks for sharing Sexyjack with us, it’s a beautiful site.

  2. Yep. I lost a few hours in there. It is a great site. And I *still* want to write a story for that picture someday. You’re right. It does beg to be told! Great first post! Wooohoo! We. Are. Live.



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