So, apparently, my understanding was off and my Christmas reverie was a week off… So, since this is technically my day (again) and I have a plans tomorrow. So, instead of another thought-filled blog, I’ll give you a thought-filled poem, instead.

A perpetual sea,

a blue sea,

a calm sea,

The sea is the essence of life.

The sea sustains life,

The sea takes life.

The sea surrounds us,

moving endlessly in all directions.

An impenetrable wall,





Our dream is dead.

Our dream of life,

Our dream of love,

Our dream of civilization.

Lost forever under the endless sea.

Lost forever under the blue sea.

4 thoughts on “Just some random poetry

  1. I like it! The sea is so powerful. You did a lovely job of portraying that.

  2. Lucius, you built up a lost feeling in this piece…I could feel the weight of the water and the despair of being enveloped by it, lost in it.

  3. Tess Miller says:

    Lucius, you managed to portray the sea as such a multifaceted being. Alive in it's many contradictions. Lovely. E

  4. I love your sense of humor!! The intro. totally made me smile. I thought your imagery of the sea shows a deep and penetrating vision and look forward to seeing more of your work!

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