Just Do the Next Right Thing

I have shamelessly borrowed today’s blog post idea from Corinne Rodrigues. She quoted my blog’s title from a book by Matthew Kelly while I, interestingly, first heard the advice from Julia Cameron.

Just do the next right thing. Sounds simplistic, doesn’t it? And therein lies the beauty.

We can easily bog ourselves down with overly ambitious goals. They often pile on the emotional weight until the whole thing collapses like a house of cards with us smothering underneath.

What can we do when an impossible deadline looms or the in-laws are due to arrive soon and the house is a mess? The next right thing. Maybe it’s asking for an extension from our editor with a realistic and reasonable alternative date. Or you should perhaps shut off the social media, get out of those pajamas, and hang up the jackets piled in your entryway.

Then do the next right thing even if it’s only for the next fifteen minutes. It’s amazing what can be achieved in that amount of time. Now reward yourself. Have a cup of tea and pet the dog or the cat or, heck, watch your aquarium fish for a spell. After a fifteen minute breather, dig back into the writing, the cleaning, or whatever else needs doing.

On that note, I need to head to the gym. After that, I’ll work toward my day’s novel writing objective. The key is to take it all in bite-sized chunks.

So, what’s your goal for the day?

2 Replies to “Just Do the Next Right Thing”

  1. For me, Noony has gotten me into the habit of 30/30. It works for writing and chores. I also set a wake-up alarm and a get outa pajama alarm in the morning. It helps me stay on track. Love your post !

  2. That's awesome, Rachel! Thank you for both the kind word and the added tips. It's good to know you're staying on track because your stories are awesome. 😉 Happy writing!

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