No, silly, not the weather!  (It’s Washington state, it’s NEVER sunny lol)  Here is the next (first?) chapter in the story I shared earlier this month.  Hope you enjoy!
When I woke up the next morning I was in bed with a handful of mostly naked men.  Considering that I felt fine and the men all seemed to be very good looking, I didn’t know if I should scream bloody murder or cry.  Or wake them up and beg them to make me scream.  While I was pondering these thoughts, one of the hotties wrapped an arm around me and snuggled up closer behind me.

“You freaking out?” he whispered in my ear.

Pretty good question, but I wasn’t sure of the answer myself.  I vaguely recalled being attacked by a wild animal, and woke up in a fantasy land of hot bodies.  Not an every day occurrence for me.  Was I dreaming? And if I was, did I really want to wake up?  If I’m not dreaming, what the hell could be going on?  Who were these people, and where was Bobby?

I settled with, “I still don’t know if this is a dream or not.”  

He gave one of those manly chuckles that sent hot breath skittering down the back of my neck, giving me shivers.  “Well, is it a good dream or a bad dream?”

I managed to twist in his arms so I could see his face.  It was a stern face, with disheveled brown hair and serious, deep brown eyes.  It was those serious eyes that made me think that this wasn’t a dream.  He was looking at me like I might freak out on him at any minute.  Like I might have a right to.

I eased back a bit, and that’s when I realized I was almost naked.

“Where are my clothes?  Where am I?  Why am I here?  Who are you?” I fired the questions at him as I began to panic.

He pulled me back in close to him and the hysteria disappeared.  I was suddenly calm and relaxed again.  That should freak me out.  Right? But he was so warm and I felt so good in his arms…

“My name is Justin, and you’re here in my cabin, still in the woods.  Your clothes were destroyed in the attack.”  He said it slowly and calmly, and I had to wonder if this wasn’t the first time he’d done this.  “Do you remember being in the woods early this morning?  Being attacked?”

“I was?  I mean, I vaguely remember hearing a growl and thinking it was a wolf, but it kind of blanks after that point,” the were brief flashes, memories of a ripping pain, but surely that was a dream right?  If I’d really been attacked by a wolf I’d be dead or in a hospital.  “You must have saved me, right?  I don’t know why I don’t remember, but that’s what happened?  You heard me scream and shot it? Was it really a wolf?” Then a really embarrassing thought, “Did I, uh, did I faint?  I swear I’ve never fainted in my life!”

The man had a pretty awesome laugh.  That he was laughing at me didn’t really seem to make a big difference.  Actually, since I’d buried my face in his oh-so-muscular chest in my embarrassment, I wasn’t really minding much of anything.

“Do you always ask so many questions?” he asked me, still chuckling a bit.

I mumbled into his chest, “Pretty much.”

“Well to answer your many questions…kinda, no, yes and no again,”  he answered with a slight smile before settling into his serious face again.  “You were attacked by a young wolf this morning.  He’d strayed a bit too far from the pack so we couldn’t reach him in time to prevent it.  I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t understand why he looked so guilty.  “It’s not like it’s your fault.  You aren’t exactly in charge of wild animals, Justin.”  

“Actually, honey, I am sort of in charge of the new wolves.  All alpha’s in the pack are expected to look after the new wolves and make sure things like this don’t happen,” as he said it he tenderly brushed my bangs back off my face.  That’s when I realized he was crazy.  

The sexy man I was in bed with actually thought he was a werewolf.

2 thoughts on “It’s Sunny again!

  1. Yay! This was really good. I liked her burying her face in his chest. I look forward to more!

  2. I'm really hooked now! This definitely looks like it will be an interesting story. 😎 More soon? Please?

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