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During the rare time waster and guilty pleasure of channel surfing the other night, I discovered a documentary about pop entrepreneur (aka William James Adams).  He has always been an enigma to me, best known as a character in the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” movie.  What can I say?  I’m not much of a hip hop fan but am always interested in biographies.
So, curious, I watched.  The show did not disappoint.
A favorite part turned out to be his inspirational quotes.  Not all pithy, his observations moved me.  I actually re-watched the program, spending time to pause and transcribe them word for word.  Not only were the quotes I wanted not readily found on the internet, it was a joy to hear him speak the words himself.
I wrote on both sides of a sheet of 81/2 by 11 inch graph paper.  Since some of those words struck me as worth spreading to other artists, I have shared them below.  I wanted a more clever title for this post, but the effort just seemed to water down the whole point.  Enjoy.

“On low points, I don’t look at them as low points.  I look at them as launch pads because if you learn from them, they’ll take you to a totally different platform.”

“…Once you fill a void, you can’t avoid it.  It’s not just a play on words; it’s actually true in reality.”

“If I had to define the thing that drives me, it would be dreams.  Everybody has dreams.  But my dreams come four-fold.  Meaning I have the dream, and then I have the dream to bring it real.  And then I dream up all the things that are gonna keep it from not making it real.  And then, by doing that, that dream is sitting in front of me as reality.”

“Dreams are freakin’ powerful and friends, friends keep you on that path to remind you about the dream.  You can never do it alone.  You find your little friend ensemble and turn some impossible thing possible.”

The difference between heart, mind and gut. HEART is love & emotions. MIND is strategy & logic. GUT is intuition & spiritual connectivity.”
And probably my favorite:

Except the unexpected and never, ever expect anything.”

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