I Heart Wordle

Yesterday I followed the crumbs from the Paperback Writer blog and discovered the joys of Wordle. It creates abstract word clouds out of a block of text. Now I have one more way to waste hours in cyber-land doing nothing productive, but having oh so much fun. *grin*

I played on that thing for about an hour. And, okay, ‘nothing productive’ isn’t entirely true either. If you’re a very right-brained type, or just a visual person like me, this might be a good tool to keep at hand.

Here’s one I made for my most recent project:

You can play with the font, color scheme, and orientation of the words too. What’s seriously cool is that Wordle takes into account how often a word is used and changes the size in accordance. So, with a quick glance, you can tell the emphasis of the text block you enter (it might be a good idea to take out words like a, the, he, she, etc.).

Looking at this one, it tells me my blurb is right on track: Scarlett-Zyne-witch-amulet, Rook-mission-book-life. The rest of the words are small, meaning I only used them once – as it should be for a blurb.


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  1. I lose myself in Mahjong or Bedazzled, can’t afford to acquire this particular addiction…as interesting as it looks. ~peeks anyway~
    Damn, now I’m trapped! E

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