An Australian Turtle Dog?
The other day I snapped this photo of Zipp, the Australian Shepherd at my local arboretum.  He’s there to keep Canada geese from overwhelming the area but, having done his job too well, resorted to this showdown with a local red-eared slider.  While perhaps he was simply bored without his fowl nemesis, the analogy of his predicament struck me nonetheless.
Forgive my whinging, but annoying mishaps and stressful trials have plagued my year so far.  It’s like trouble just keeps creeping in, piling up, and boldly staring me down.  Attempts to overcome issues seem fruitless as poor Zipp’s efforts with this stubborn amphibian.
I mean, honestly, while I’m facing one persistent frustration…
 … more stack up, quite amiably awaiting my notice.
And of course you just can’t flip a switch and make life perfect any more than you can herd turtles.  Somehow, goose poop seems almost preferable.  But it’s not all bad, and I am having fun with my camera.  ~grin~  Perhaps I’ll stop by the arboretum later this week and check on Zipp.
After all, the dog mutely suffers while I can put the drama on the page.  So that’s enough griping.  Maybe I’ll crank out a few paragraphs of angst-ridden fiction before bedtime.

2 thoughts on “Herding Turtles

  1. I loved this. I knew of a friend that had storks hunt her koi pond until her son's new pet- a Border collie took over the task of guarding the pond.
    Hope you are sucessful in putting words on the page !

  2. That's cool, Rachel. Thanks for that tale and the kind words!

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