Haiku and You

By no stretch of the imagination do I consider myself a major poet.  I dabble at bringing images into a snapshot focus through the art of haiku.  It’s not even something I do very often.

Today I read something disheartening from a blogger I admire.  A British fan of all things Japanese, she goes by the moniker Haikugirl.  In this post she talks about a haiku workshop that made me realize that there are far more rules to it than I knew.  Her own experience involved a criticism that I found undeserved.

This makes me wonder if I’ll continue pursuing this art form.  Should I forge on even if I’m doing it wrong according to the experts?  My inner critic says no but I think that’s the wrong answer.  I hope the childlike artist inside me finds another haiku she determines worth sharing.

And speaking of sharing, here is the post I reference:
Catching the Blossom with a Haiku

I hope you’ll read her post.  I’d also like to know your opinion on the subject.  In the meantime, happy writing!

2 Replies to “Haiku and You”

  1. I agree with you; I think your critic is wrong. You should TOTALLY do it! 🙂 Keep writing your haiku; I love them.

    The first rule of folk art is that it changes and evolves with each new artist. So write on! 🙂

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