Gratituesday in the Zen Garden for July of 2015

It seems bad news is around every corner. Twenty-four hour television news channels were just the beginning. Now it’s a struggle to escape scare mongering for even a day.

That’s why we at the Zen Garden opted to begin sharing blessings once a month. I hope you’ll join us.

4 thoughts on “Gratituesday in the Zen Garden for July of 2015

  1. Dagnabbit! I forgot this week. Grr. But I'm so pleased that you're keeping the torch lit. I'll get myself in the flow one of these days, I swear!

  2. No problem. I appreciate that you're working on getting the new book formatted. ~happydances~ Anyway, there are a few days on the linky if you do find yourself with a few precious minutes to spare.

  3. will try to drop by. Love that you started this, Darla. Very positive !

  4. Thanks, Rachel! You're very kind. Best wishes, my dear.

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