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My partner recently discovered a British science fiction comedy called “Red Dwarf”.  Holy cow.  While the character driven plot doesn’t require a science fiction setting, such elements offer a unique backdrop and brilliant storyline opportunities.  We should have seen the program years ago.  Better late than never, I guess, and a true blessing since futuristic fantasy/cop drama “Almost Human” got cancelled.  (Having Karl Urban on the small screen every week was awesome, but I digress.)  Ditto with the demise of another favorite, “Revolution”.
Watching “Red Dwarf” has become my daily highlight.  And honestly, limiting ourselves to one episode a day has me feeling quite like a junkie whose trying to cut back, easing her way into sobriety.  Literally addicted to the whacky humor, I’m sad that there are only a few nights left to get my fix.  I’m particularly taken by Craig Charles as Dave Lister  (it’s shallow, but his boyish good looks and Scouse accent make me weak in the knees).
The first installment of 2008’s three part “Back to Earth” special did leave me a little flat tonight, I’m sorry to say.  I didn’t miss the laugh track; the dialog just lacked enough entertaining banter.  The character known simply as Cat, the highly evolved humanoid feline, calling Lister “Monkey-boy” was as good as it got.  Nonetheless, we plan to watch every last episode availed us.
Hulu Plus doesn’t seem to have season ten available, so I will have to find it elsewhere.  In the meantime, I learned tonight that filming of an eleventh season is set to begin this October.  I’m definitely crossing my fingers it will come to fruition and that I survive that long without.

What entertains you these days?  Any good books or shows you’d like to promote?

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  1. I adore Red Dwarf!

    I also just realized I didn't call you back. ~fail~

    We've been watching Grimm and Michael just started a show called Penny Dreadful, but it's on Showtime and we don't have that channel normally so I'm wary of getting attached. Netflix is my friend. 🙂

    Oh, wow! They're filming an 11th season? That's awesome. The actor who plays Lister has a drug problem so it's caused delays in the show; when they stopped altogether I feared the worst.

  2. No worries! I know you're a very busy lady.

    You know my track record with talented comedians and musicians. ~rolls eyes~ I often find them AFTER they've passed on, so I am fortunate in this case. And have I said how much I hate illicit drug use? It's taken so many talented people, as if the everyday suffering of addicts and their loved ones isn't enough. Sigh… Maybe legalization…? Well, I won't bore everyone with my opinion here against the war on drugs.

    At any rate, thanks much for the comment. I've heard good things about Grimm but am unfamiliar with Penny Dreadful. I'll have to read up. 🙂

  3. Red Dwarf is awesome! The Hubby and I love that show and actually reference quotes from it in real life.

    As for shows that are quite good, I've been enjoying Orphan Black a lot (season 2 started a few weeks ago) and The 100 (it's about 6 episodes in to season 1). Falling Skies is also really good and I think they're filming season 4 now.

  4. It's so neat to find another Red Dwarf fan. Thanks for sharing what you like watching, ID Locke. With so many channels these days and a DVR that has stopped channel surfing as well as blocking commercials, I miss out on a lot of what might be interesting to us.

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