Gearing Up for NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month sweeps in with the autumn air of November. Are you getting on board with this worldwide event? For the first time, having only heard of it last year, I’m jumping in feet first.

To help put participants in the right (write) frame of mind, regions are hosting all sorts of local events. I’m already looking forward to one this Thursday at a local library. It sounds like it has everything I need just in the title alone: The Courage to Write.

A gentleman by the name of Ralph Keyes will address many challenges. Among them is just sitting down and getting started. That’s the all-important first step. Then there’s looking within for ideas, confronting procrastination, and dealing with anxiety about the reaction of others to one’s work. The whole thing is supposed to be a lively, good humored presentation ending on a positive, motivational note. This sounds like just the ticket!

Are you inspired yet? Click on the link and read all about it. Better yet, join me and register today: NaNoWriMo Registration

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  1. Thanks for reminding me! I heard about this in the middle of November last year, so didn't track anything, but I got into the spirit anyway. I'm looking forward to participating this year. 😎

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