Flash Friday the Fifth

Every Friday, we will post links to a collection of flash pieces written by our contributing Authors and guests. They may be related to the same prompt, they may be randomly assembled, they will always be enjoyable.

This week, we have a collection of submissions to the FFC April 2008 Edition. This month’s theme is THE ELEMENTS: Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

Eaton Bennett
The Element of Fire: Hugo, an Officer in the King’s army, has serious doubts with his chosen career as a soldier. Life changing decisions are very difficult to make, but when Hugo sees what has to be done his courage does not fail him….

Andi King
Muse: For the Flash Fiction Carnival, a 693 word story using the elements: earth, air, water, fire (spirit).

A. Catherine Noon
Elementary: One for each of the elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit.

Kathleen Oxley
Reacquaintance: A witch renews her connection with each of the elements.

The Power of the Eclipse
A priestess banished from her temple finds a new source of power.

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