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For this week’s Thursday Thirteen I thought I’d list the reasons why I should go to the gym. I was a good girl this week, been there twice! I’d love to get back to where it’s a habit, not something I forget.
1. Exercise has been proven to relieve depression and I so don’t want to go back on the Paxil.
2. Exercise releases endorphins, nature’s own pain relievers. Helps with the arthritis the cold weather brings on.
3. Increased flexibility can never be a bad thing.
4. Better quality sleep, not that I’ve ever had trouble sleeping. 
5. Increased lung capacity. As an asthmatic it’s the next best thing to a lung transplant.
6. Improved self image and sense of well being. That’s right, I work out! Bragging rights galore.
7. Nice excuse for some more ‘me’ time. No phones, nagging kids or chores to do while I’m there.
8. Better memory recall. No sense in learning all the things I have and not being able to use them. Now, what was I saying? I’ve lost my train of thought. Oh, yeah; list. Right.
9. Longer life expectancy. Good reason!
10. Improved bone density. No broken hips for me in my old age. (Note to self, this doesn’t negate the bad effects of Diet Coke on Calcium absorption! Keep the Big Gulps to one a day.)
11. More resistance to infection and in flu season that can’t be over rated!
12. Weight Loss, need I say more?
13. I already paid for it! I pay my monthly dues whether I use the facilities or not and I hate to waste money!

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  1. This is a wonderful list! I have great respect for those willing to exercise in public. Never let other excuses get in the way. Your health is the foundation of a happy family. 🙂

  2. Those are all great reminders, E! I'm glad you made it a coulple times this week. I'm sure you'll have another great, successful week. Thank you for sharing!

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