Emotion for the Masses

It’s common knowledge that emotions show unconsciously in our body language.  In jurisdictions practicing wise policy, police officers and their ilk receive training to translate this instantly, enabling life saving reactions to armed suspects about to shoot – or not.  Human beings transmit these signals from our faces to our very feet depending upon the circumstance.

So ingrained, these reactions show even when there is no one present to read them.  I realized this in a unique way yesterday.  A mild skin irritation between my eyes would hurt whenever I made certain expressions, and this happened frequently while reading a newly purchased book.
This author drew me to experience the various highs and lows, the shock or joy or sorrow, right along with her characters.  That immersion, this ultimate escapism, is what draws me to fiction.  Hence I’m reminded why I enjoy writing.
I want to pull others out of their reality.  Heck, even when penning something private I gleefully submit myself to the sentiments and passions within the words.
These are, of course, the same reasons we listen to music and look at works of art.  I sincerely thank those who’ve moved humankind through the ages and look forward to what comes in the future.
Meanwhile, may you discover something today that transcends your spirit from the daily grind.  Or, perhaps you will craft it yourself!  Now, time to dust off my muse and get busy, right after I search out another book by this particular author (and leave praise of her craft while I’m at it).

4 Replies to “Emotion for the Masses”

  1. I love a book that captures so completely that you can't leave it alone and want to wail when it's finished…wonderful stuff!

    I find it interesting that inspiration isn't a continual state of being. It requires wooing, drawing out of hiding and grabbing the moment when you see it.

    Encouraging post, Darla. 🙂

  2. Books that have that effect our a great joy, for sure. I'm so glad you found my observation encouraging, Eaton, and really appreciate the time you take to read and comment Have a great day!

  3. I have posted three pieces of recent poetry on Passionate Fiction. The last one a celebration of five years of blogging. I thank you for your inspiring posts that got me sharing my poetry again. 🙂

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