E Is For… Event – Camp NaNo

Besides posting some A to Z entries here and the entire alphabet for my Darla M. Sands blog, I am also endeavoring to meet another writing challenge. The Office of Letters and Light, hosts of November’s National Novel Writing Month, provide still more opportunities for writer’s to test themselves. Camp NaNo happens in both April and July, I believe (can’t stop to research details now!).
The rules are much less strict than for NaNoWriMo, and contestants can even set their own word count. I, however, decided to go for broke and attempt another fifty thousand during the month just as in November. Wish me luck.
What are you writing today?

3 Replies to “E Is For… Event – Camp NaNo”

  1. I wish you every success with Camp NaNo!

    Today, I am working on my morning pages and then Cat's Cradle; and maybe a bit of Sapphire Dream. 🙂 My NaNo project is TJ's story, but I haven't actually started that yet, since I've been caught up with blogging and such.

  2. Greetings fellow Camp Nano-er! I'm doing some fantasy short stories for camp this year. Currently in the middle of "The Storm Mirror", about an apprentice witch who uses a magic mirror to cure her depression, only to find that it ruins the lives of people around her!

    Visit me at http://chriskelworth.com/blog/

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