E is for Emergency

A lot of my friends tease me about being a Doomsday Prepper because I grew up in hurricane country and tend to be prepared.

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For anything. Including, perhaps, zombies.

But to be honest, an emergency can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. And information can be vital. So some questions everyone should ask themselves is … if something happens to me and I am hospitalized who will take care of my children or pets? Does my family know what hospital I prefer? Do I? Which one is covered by my insurance?

Do I have a list of important numbers that isn’t locked in my cell phone? Does the person I want to ‘be in charge’ know about it?  Even better, do they know and agree to be my ‘go to’ contact?

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You can go deeper and consider if you have a current will or a living will? Does family know your wishes if you can’t express them? The time to figure this out is before you’re unconscious. Might be easier- just saying. After all, when you get home you want to concentrate on getting better.

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