Dreaming of Luna

I recently remembered an elusive dream. 

It’s premise?  I learned that someone invented a type of loom through which raw fiber could be instantly converted into a fine, diaphanous cloth.  While somehow offering the results of an overly large circular loom, the fantastical tool lacked every real-life component, including yarn.
With this wonder, a mysterious woman showed me how to transform my recently deceased cat’s fur into a seamless blouse.  You see, years before I began collecting the shed, rabbit-soft fibers.  The white tufts simply seemed too soft to discard.  I’m serious when I say they make cotton feel almost like burlap.
The dream, meanwhile, provided a clingy garment interspersing her lovely fur with a black fabric for strategic modesty.  The swaths were vaguely triangular, simple contrasting slashes in a timelessly classic pattern.  I adored it.
My recollection process is, if I may say so myself, more interesting.  It began with thought of Luna’s portrait on my laptop, in turn reminding me how her image replaced that of Craig Charles dressed as Dave Lister from “Red Dwarf”.
(Sorry, Mr. Charles.  For now, I choose this bittersweet lamentation over a fond chuckle.)
While this consideration didn’t bring back my complete memory, the process started because my dream’s sole comedic twist came in the form of Craig Charles somehow being involved.  Whether as himself or Mr. Lister, I cannot say.  Either way, he amicably helped me run this fictional loom.
Then, hours later, something else happened to help my mind fill in the blanks.  I discovered a chair pad still decorated with wisps of Luna’s telltale fuzz.  It all flooded back fast after that.

I still miss my itty bitty pretty kitty but have to smile at this unique memorial.  Too bad there is no magical loom.  Sigh…

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