Okay. Laptop battery is charged up, most of the day’s chores are done for now, and I found the perfect writing soundtrack.
All I need is a few uninterrupted minutes. But that just doesn’t seem to be happening lately.
Turning off the internet just does not appear to be enough. Not when someone else in the house is bored and determined to share every little thing. Apparently, my prime writing time must be shifted from early afternoon to evening. Soon, I’ll be forced to go on a grocery shopping expedition.
Joy. I’d rather spend time with my characters.

What can you do? I have to admit, one video my partner showed me was adorable. And on that note, let me entice you with that very distraction.

Miniature Horse Chasing People

Thanks to Time for the news article with video…

2 thoughts on “Distracting Darla

  1. very cute. well, heard animals had to be up on their feet and able to run from preditors, but too cute !!!

  2. Thank you for reading! I know you're a busy writer. ~hugs~ Best wishes, my dear.

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