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Photos by:
G. Christopher Payne

Byzantinehalo…me 🙂

Half a world away, a northern autumn moon shivers

in anticipation of winter’s plans to cover her hills and
valleys in a cold white blanket. Leaves dance
and swirl
to the gusts of fall winds blowing away
the residue of
summer’s exhausted, heat faded days.

While a southern sun shines a path to the water’s edge,
where hungry waves cover shallow footprints
like watery
hands as the sea rushes back into itself
with its imagined
catch. Blue skies and fluffy clouds
ruffled by a gentle spring
breeze watch lazy waves
coax summer out of her long sleep.


I wrote this for a Challenge on SplashHall Poetry Forum, for a November challenge. I’ve been waiting to show it here and as time has slipped by, it’s not quite seasonal, but I figure that doesn’t matter too much.

The photo of the snow scene has been loaned to me by my friend and fellow poet, Gary. I couldn’t lay my hands on a photo of snow here due to the lack of snow, he kindly came to my rescue. Gary writes Poetry, Haiku and Tanka and I absolutely recommend ya’all taking a look here!



5 thoughts on “Diametrical Beauty – November

  1. What a lovely piece to brighten my morning! I think the meaning transcends seasons. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you! My view outside is a rhime of old grey snow glued to sidewalks and bushes. It's winter here, but no fresh snow. We're, thankfully, not being buried like back east, but it's cold and definitely winter. 🙂

    I'm grateful to see this window on your world. Your pictures always draw me in and tell a story. Lovely!

  3. Beautiful poem, Eaton.

  4. Darla, Noony and Lucius, thank you! There is a special wonderment that comes from knowing my poetry and photos are received with pleasure and understanding. :))

  5. Nikki M says:

    Beautiful! It's actually perfect timing for what's going on weather-wise here. We're a ways away from real snow, but there's a bit of a nip in the air, too. But with cherry blossoms and daffodils in February it's all to easy to start thinking about the beach. Thanks for sharing!

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