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It’s rare that my scheduled blog posts line up on consecutive days. Since this is one of those cases, I would like to further address creative goals for this Writer Wednesday. Many people who know me are probably aware that I do not consider myself good at setting goals.

And I have a tendency to edit while I’m writing a first draft. Though the dual process may work for some authors, it’s really not conducive to getting the story out of our head and onto the page.

A unique confluence of events has coincided this month to help me with both those issues. I’ve been a proponent of November’s National Novel Writing Month for a number of years. I remain grateful to A. Catherine Noon for the introduction. Folks may also have read recently about my forays into the more loosely structured April and July challenges known as Camp NaNo.

Then there is Alan Watt’s book, “The 90 Day Novel”. I’ve definitely blogged about that. Some local writers decided to give Mr. Watt’s system a try starting June first, and I figured it might be fun.

I originally thought that outlining, let alone a writing guideline, would stunt my storytelling. But Alan Watt urges us to hold it all loosely. He wants our stories to develop organically, for writers to take risks and “write the forbidden”. I haven’t exactly figure out what that means, but I think that’s the way he wants it.

This month I decided to set my NaNo goal at 50,000 words. Now, thanks to Alan Watt, I have some idea of where I want each week’s cumulative writing to lead. And my word count is on fire as a result. It’s exciting.

Now, I’d be in great shape if I applied this same dedication to cleaning aquariums and other household chores. ~grin~ I’ll get there, though.

Best wishes on reaching your own creative goals. Is there anything in particle motivating you?

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