Darla’s Wiley Wednesday

As I sit at home during a much needed rest from the day job, I’m trying to get caught up on blog posts for the month. I’ve allowed quite a dry spell after frenzied and joyous activity on all things blog related. Now it’s time to turn the tide and set aside precious minutes to indulge myself.

While having written that paragraph in the plainest of terms, I can’t help but think of Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”. She would be aghast at how I’ve allowed the work week to stifle my creativity.

It’s time to remember how artistic productivity rewards and enlivens. I feel the energy coursing through me today even as I sit glued to my office chair. Well, I’m not entirely glued. My playfulness carried over to benefit one of my cats, also in a playful mood.

Now if I will just remember this feeling in the middle of a bad day at the office, then perhaps I can smile and look forward to coming home to a blank screen and another chance to create. Here’s hoping you find your own artful rejuvenation!


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  1. What an invigorating post! I hope you can find that balance too at the office in the midst of chaos. I'm not sure the answer there, but I'm sure we'll find it together. We'll be like excavators on a special kind of archeological dig, looking for the tools to vanquish assholeism at the office. Vanquish Assholism at the Office: the VAatO! Heeeey, vato!

    (Vato can be like "dude" in Spanish or something darker, depending on context.)

    It'll be our little secret! 🙂

  2. How true it is you can lose yourself at work. My secret weapon is a 'worry stone' I keep in one pocket to ground me when I'm stressed. I have an assortment to choose from in my locker and rotate them each day to keep it interesting and fresh. My favorite is a bullet casing from a very large 50 caliber pistol I shot last summer. Brings back memories of a family trip and trying new exciting things.
    So glad to hear you're feeling that artistic energy, even while in the office chair.

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