Darla’s Dotty Dictionary

Today I had a random thought.  Most of us have online pals that we’ve never met.  And I guess they could be termed simply online acquaintances, or maybe e-friends for short.  Honestly, wondering about it never occurred to me before.

That led me to ponder what we should call those that we have met in the flesh.

Brick and mortar friends?


2 Replies to “Darla’s Dotty Dictionary”

  1. LOL! "She's a brick… house. She's mighteh mighteh… lettin' it all hang out. Yeah she's a brick… house…"

    I love it! This totally made my morning coffee, my brick and mortar friend.

    Um, which one of us is the brick and which is the mortar?

    Adds a whole new meaning to tuckpointing, eh? ~smirk~

  2. Don't ya know, that song went through my head after posting this – too funny. I think that you're more part of my foundation, actually. 🙂 And tuckpointing ought to be a spa treatment at the very least.

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