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I have a bit of a minor rant against a magazine publisher who shall remain unidentified.  Somehow, they got my mailing address and started sending me one of their weekly publications.  Since I do not wish to pay them for an unwanted subscription, I tried to cancel via their website.

It didn’t happen.

The thing still arrives every week, though they have never pursued payment.  The only correspondence came in the form of a request for my email address.  Believe me when I say that is not going to happen.  I can only imagine that they are happy to inflate subscription numbers for the sake of their advertisers.

It saddens me to see this waste, though the magazine’s content annoys me to the point I have no interest in sharing.  Sigh…  I guess the paper could be used to line cat litter boxes.

Meanwhile, we happily spend a fair chunk of change every year getting “2000 AD” and “The Judge Dredd Megazine” from Great Britain.  Those comics are mailings I do anticipate.

Anything interesting or annoying show up in your mailbox?  I hope it’s the former as opposed to the latter.

2 Replies to “Darla’s Diatribe of the Week”

  1. How odd that they won't remove you from their subscription list!

    I have the same issue with a trade publication; I've canceled, and yet it comes every month and I feed the recycling. My downstairs neighbor, however, does quite a bit of catalog shopping and she hired someone to call the over 50 (!) places sending catalogs to cancel them, in order to save paper. It worked for about 2 months and then the deluge started again. It's a maddening waste of paper, clutter, and recycling time. I'm sure the paper would have been happier to stay a tree.

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