Dark side of Intimacy

Over the last couple of months I have been exploring Friendship, Intimacy and of course love. Poems on Friendship, Intimacy and Lust have demanded that I write them and today’s poem has been insistent to be written too. Thinking about emotions and feelings has led me to realize that not all relationships are healthy! So, I have written a poem I believe expresses in part, the dark side of relationship…


Temptation whispering
Clouding the mind
Crawling inside her

Desperate need
Craving release
Exacting its price

Sleepless night
Thoughts won’t cease
“Give in”, they whisper

Early morning light
Untamed yearnings

Selfish desire
Calling his name
Branding anxious flesh

Heart of stone
Conscience bleeding
Dead to truth

Impossible to deny
Giving into temptation
Lost in betrayal!

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3 Replies to “Dark side of Intimacy”

  1. Loved it Eaton, you are again showing your love and skills with poetry. My favorite line was the untamed yearnings, and branding anxious flesh. Need to get out my notebook and put those with my ‘word’ collection. ~wink~
    I love to see you grow and enjoy your work. E

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