D is for…Distraction

Case and point…I’m late posting today, because I was distracted.  Granted, I was distracted with family events and a bit of exhaustion.

Many days, when I’m writing I have to fight distraction.  A. Catherine Noon pointed out yesterday that she was distracted by the Internet.   The Internet is where I spend hours in the name of research, however I often end up in the weeds looking for some minuscule detail.

I’m writing a steam punk novel currently and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wandered off into costuming in the name of research.  I’m sure my search engine thinks I have some sort of Corset/Weaponry fetish. 🙂

Distraction may be a good thing too.   I imagine if we sat at our desks and weren’t occasionally distracted, we would suffer from some sort of burn-out.   If you can’t write because you’ve turned off the Internet and you spend thirty minutes staring at a blank screen, your lack of productivity may be a sign you need a distraction.

7 Replies to “D is for…Distraction”

  1. Your pictures made me laugh out loud. Boy, do I know that one – it's research! We have a boat fetish, a bar fetish (and neither Rachel nor I drink much to speak of), travel fetish, and this is on top of my very real textile fetish. Let's here it for fetishes! 🙂

  2. Well said, both the post and comments (!), really. A. Catherine Noon and Rachel Wilder suggested I purchase a used AlphaSmart and I am grateful. (Thank you both!) No internet connection and a small screen showing just a few lines rally help me focus on story.

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