Creature Care

Having finished evening pet care, busily scrubbing the sink until it shone, I came to realize that little time is spent on caring for myself.  It’s a common theme among peoples of all situations, but worth addressing.  After all, if we adults don’t care for ourselves, who will?

And the first to suffer is my inner artist.  That’s something any reader of Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” knows all too well to be a true shame.  All the same, I’ve succumbed to bad habits and failed to refuel my creative nature.  Time for that to change.

Never a fan of New Year’s resolutions, for goal setting should never revolve around the calendar, I do intend to change this behavior as soon as possible.  So why not now?  There are plenty of fun projects at my fingertips; just a few minutes of letting my inner kid play would do wonders.

First, of course, I need to feed the fish.  Oh, well, I hope you’ll join me in doing something fun today!

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  1. I know how hard it is to let the artist play. It's great to realize it, the productive rewards are usually pretty good.

    I did do something fun, made a collage of two granddaughters for their mom's birthday and ordered the print.

    What did fun did you allow yourself, Darla? 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind comments, dears! Sadly, I must confess to getting distracted by something mundane after feeding the fish and not really doing anything fun. But interestingly, I ran into photos I took of those pipe cleaner critters and may have to make some more. Have a great weekend!

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