C Is For… Character

So, I went to Google today to find a funny picture to use for today’s post.  So, I says, Google, give me funny character pictures.  And Google says,

Well, I’m not actually sure what this says.  Isn’t he creepy?  🙂

I totally lost my original train of thought.  It was going to be something magnificent, too.

So, Dear Reader.  
What has distracted you on the internet lately?

2 Replies to “C Is For… Character”

  1. As I was writing yesterday, on the sidebar appeared a pair of shoes that I really liked. Never mind that I don't shop online, especially for things that need to feel good on my feet, and never mind that I only wear Crocks – I spent the next hour looking for a site where I could buy those shoes cheaper. No luck. It was so frustrating that going back to writing seemed good again.

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