Book Review of “Kelland”

Just hours ago I finished the novel “Kelland” by Paul G. Bens, Jr. I’m still sorry it’s over, actually.

I would call the book a drama first, with minor supernatural elements. The biggest of these is, who is Kelland? Man? Woman? Child? Lover? Priest?

Kelland is all these things, depending upon what the interacting character needs for his or her part to play out. I honestly don’t even know what Mr. Bens would say Kelland actually is! Angel? Devil?

All I can say for sure is that I was drawn into the stories of the five main characters from the start. It didn’t matter that the vignettes jumped back and forth through time and from person to person. Never once did I feel at a loss from beginning to end. Rather, this reader loathed putting the title down. At the same time, I could do so and come back to where I left off without confusion setting in.

There is a dark side to each of the story threads, and they culminate into something any reasonable human being will find sadly disturbing and downright infuriating. But rather than being a depressing tale, I found in “Kelland” an exultant scope of hope and redemption. It’s a story of forgiveness.

If you’re looking for pirates, ghosts, or lots of steamy sex scenes, don’t buy this book. If, instead, you want to read compelling drama about believable people in real situations, “Kelland” just might be for you. I appreciated all 250 pages and wanted more when they ended, so I would definitely recommend this for the reader willing to walk down those twisting alleys of the human psyche.

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