One thing the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron has taught me is that I am very blessed with wonderful parents. Exercises meant to deal with issues like poisonous people in our lives, unhealthy attitudes toward a higher power, and financial issues have all pointed toward their nurturing, positive examples. A phone call Saturday night only reinforced that.

Dad called to see how things are going. Often asking after my writing despite his disinterest in reading fiction stories, he expressed amusement over my various projects, none of the ones mentioned even involving writing, to the point I didn’t give him a chance to talk about himself much. Mom, for her part, could have complained endlessly about a broken rib. She didn’t, not even with a chronic disease adding to the mix. How can I complain after that?

Instead, they inspire me to do things like email a favorite author. If I don’t hear back, I’ll presume he’s busy. Odds are, I will hear back because he’s already proven himself to be courteous and grateful, but my world won’t be shattered if he’s too busy. I have too much knowledge of the many more important things in life.

So, while this is an intensely personal post, it’s also short. I just couldn’t resist sharing. Hopefully, I can hear about some similar joy in your life today. Blessings to you and yours!

One thought on “Blessed Being

  1. What a beautiful post, Darla. I think sharing the gratitude for the bounty in our lives ought to be done more, actually. I'm so pleased you had such loving parents; that's a treasure beyond price.


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