Being Thankful

Fortunate to have the free time, I’ve been taking care of my mother around the clock for the last week.  She has multiple health issues, among them being nearly unable to walk and suffering cognitive degradation.  As if that isn’t enough, her eyes don’t seem to be communicating their message properly to her brain.

Despite it all, her spirits are higher than one would expect.  Through these past days we have smiled and laughed over all sorts of things, both past and present.  The whole experience is really making me grateful for my physical and mental abilities.

Simple tasks like caring for hearth and home are beyond the reach of Mom.  Reading, let alone writing, are joys I will cherish more than ever before.  Gratitude for my father’s good health, his care and patience, go beyond what I can express.

I hope to return home with a renewed sense of what is important.  Little setbacks should be taken for what they are and not be allowed to ruin a good mood.

We shall see how Mom does in the future.  There is hope for improvement.

Please find a source of joy in your daily life, and best wishes to you and yours!

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