Today happens to be an extremely exciting time for me. While considering what to write for this very blog post, coincidentally, I received my first ever payment as an author!

Although this is just one more step on my chosen path, I thought it fitting to share what this humble writer thinks constitutes the title.

If you have a million dollar, multi-book deal, you’re a writer. That states the obvious.

However, there are many unpublished people out there with notebooks and hard drives overflowing with stories. Is he or she any less of a writer? I don’t think so.

If you, dear writer, have the courage to share your tales, however that might be accomplished, I commend you. For those of you who’ve not yet taken that step, I hope you’ll change you’re mind.

Bring your gift into the light of day and brighten someone’s existence. If you’d like suggestions on where to take your stories online, mention it in a comment and perhaps I or someone else can give you ideas. It can be scary but there are some wonderful places out there.  And the world can never have too many storytellers.

Happy writing!

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