At what point is an obsession unhealthy?

Did you guys know that I have the spot for blog posts the first Saturday of every month? I certainly didn’t.

My attempt at sarcasm and humor aside, I was actually thinking that my first post would be due next week. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the first Saturday of the month was actually today.

Anyway, I have no real idea what to do for this one, so I’m just going to talk about what has been on my mind for the past several weeks.

Jesus Christ Superstar.

I suppose it all began when I stumbled across a post on the Highlander Message Boards talking about a Phantom of the Opera sequel that mentioned JC Superstar (which features music by Andrew Llyod-Webber, as well). I had seen it three or four times before, but it never really made that much of an impression on me, but I recalled really liking the first song of the show (called “Heaven on their Minds”).

A quick Youtube search later and I immediately fell in love with the song. That is when the obsession started. I put it on my iPod and listened to it, on repeat, for the couple of hours I spent cleaning the apartment (all by myself, but that is a totally different rant) the next day. I’ve been rather obsessed with songs before, but not that much.

When I went home for Spring Break, I decided to watch my father’s VHS copy of the original 1973 film adaption of the show (there’s also a 2000 film adaption, which I don’t care much for) and realized that there are some damn good songs on the soundtrack.

I decided to record my father’s vinyl record of the original recording (which came out before the stage show) and basically listened only to that on my entire five hour drive back to campus. I only changed the CD once to a different mixed album that I only put in because it had the recording of Heaven on their Minds from the first film version (I prefer that Judas to the one on the original recording).

Since then, I don’t really think I’ve deviated from the JC Superstar playlist that I have on my iPod and am even now listening to it.

So, I guess the whole point of this is to raise the question: at what point does an obsession become unhealthy?

2 Replies to “At what point is an obsession unhealthy?”

  1. Ahhh Lucius, I have to wonder why this particular group of songs. Most interesting selection to become an obsession.

    Seriously, enjoy yourself and the music. It will run out of steam this obsession and you will move on to some other music that rocks your world. {I hope – ;)}

    Cool post by the way…nothing like 'off the cuff, by the seat of your pants.'


  2. I am the queen of obsession, so I'm probably the wrong person to ask. My current playlist was selected for six hours on the road and I'm still listening to it after hour seven with 19 tunes to go. It's a lot of my compulsively collected Japanese rock with some Depeche mode, Marilyn Manson, and Dethklok thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed your post!

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