Artist’s Way

It’s official, I’m actually embarking on a type of self-help program. Me. I never expected this in a million years. I’ve tended to just shake my head at a friend of mine constantly reading therapeutic advice. Peak in her magazine rack and you’ll find all sorts of periodicals and books on raising children, improving marital relations, organizing the home, you name it.

Her computer monitor is decorated with a plethora of motivational stickers. Mine has pictures of sexy men, all my self improvement directed toward writing smut. Honestly, I have yet to see any of her allegedly life-changing endeavors have any lasting impact, giving me no reason to change my opinion.

So why am I trying Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”? My chief reason is the same explanation for what I’m doing right now – blogging. The gifted folks of this Writer’s Retreat have inspired me to try many unexpected things. When some from this group and The Evanston Writers Workshop banded together for the months long program, my enthusiasm piqued.

Anything that opens my creative mind can only be good. And the testimonies I have been personally given inspire me to keep an open mind. Who knows? Like anything worthwhile, this will take time and commitment. Maybe I’ll be touting this to my pal three months from now. I’ll keep you updated. And in the meantime, I hope you’re finding the spirit of creation in whatever you do!

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  1. What a fun, inspiring post! I love the idea of the Writer's Retreat and the Evanston Writers Workshop banding together. Makes me feel all martial and inclusive. Imagine Soussa music in the background and fireworks.

    I'm grinning at my computer right now.

  2. I am joining in with Darla on this and really looking forward to it. I hear glowing reports from those who've worked through it, and I think it will be much more worthwhile to do it with such a great group.

  3. I look forward to working with all three of you on this as well. And I can so see that computer of yours covered with sexy men…mine would be too if I didn't share it with the family. LOL
    Great blog Darla. Get out there and try some more scary and wonderful things. E

  4. Darla, you are constantly working on improving yourself, probably as much or more as anyone who's taken a million self-help classes or read a bunch of books.

    I'm looking forward to seeing all of us progress as we work through Artist's Way. Best of luck on your personal journey, my friend.

  5. Thanks for these great remarks! Noony, you've opened me to so many new and rewarding experiences. Peach, you're a great addition to the group! E, the guys at work are subjected to more than they'd like ~ everything from Marilyn Manson zombied out or dolled up in feathers to my beloved J-rockers Kami and Gackt (I like being creeped out as well as turned on, occasionally). 😉 Lucius, thanks for the well wishes. Nikki, you're making me go misty-eyed! I greatly appreciate the ongoing encouragement and inspiration, everyone.

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