Are you going to Conference?

Fifteen months ago, I would not have understood that question. Now, I find myself being asked on a fairly regular basis. Even more notable, I find myself questioning my standard, shy, negative response.

What is holding me back? I’ve encountered many fabulously inspiring individuals in the cyber-world. How can meeting folks in the flesh seem so much scarier than posting the stories in my head for all the world to see?

One very immediate shortcoming is my failure to educate myself on what writers’ events would most benefit me. While I’ll spend hours researching for the sake of authenticity in my fiction, my palms sweat and my eyes blur when I try to explore the business end of writing.

Several wonderful people are easing me through these doubts and fears. Thanks goes out specifically to Dilo Keith for sharing the information she’s gathering on publishers. Dilo’s tips on my stories are invaluable, too. I’m certainly blessed to be part of this gang on the Writer’s Retreat Blog. A Catherine Noon invited me originally and every person on here goes out of his or her way to uplift and encourage. To find support from Mel Keegan on The GLBT Bookshelf has been like a dream come true.

Today, another chance, friendly contact makes me think that it’s time I attend the RWA National Conference. Upon winning the exciting e-book, “Stellar Heat”, I received the PDF file from the author, herself! Learning that I live on the way of her expected route to Nashville, Scarlett Jameson actually offered me a ride! What a kind gesture, and one that just might inspire me to take that leap.

I’ll keep you posted. Just this afternoon, I faxed my application to join the Romance Writers of America. I figure that’s another baby step.

As for the RWA Conference, any reader likely knows that the unfortunate populace of Tennessee and other Southern US states is battling natural disaster. Our best wishes go out to them that flood waters recede soon and damage can be managed. While A Catherine Noon astutely pointed out that the RWA board is not in an enviable position, we have every faith they’ll have a plan in place by the end of July.

So, are you going to Conference?

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  1. I went to Chicagoland's Spring Fling and had an awesome time. Moreover, I met an editor for a publisher that I want to work with, and got a request for my manuscript. I'm very excited. I learned a lot about Deep POV and different ways of writing and goal setting from the other working writers, and made a couple friends in the process.

    So yes, I'd go back in a heartbeat.

    I also went all the way across the country two years ago to meet Gwen and the gang, and made several deep friendships I hope will last a lifetime. We met again last year in Atlanta, and hope to meet this year. I'm meeting Evey and Nikki at Rachel's in Las Vegas in September, and hope to add another friend in the process.

    I find connections, particularly in our day and age of bifurcated lives and internet sociality, to be critical to the survival of the psyche.

    Besides, I like to bite. Ask anyone. ~grin~


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