Angel’s View

I wonder if everyone is feeling as exhausted as I am after Christmas Day? Today, my hubby and I and three of our children drove to Adelaide from Melbourne, for a three day stay. It’s an eight hour drive, that never fails to turn into nine hours with the kids.

I was about to turn off the computer and climb into bed, when I remembered my guest spot, due on Sunday, yikes…that’s today!!!!! 🙂

Angel’s Window

Snuggled under a quilt on your lap, reading as you
type, my eyes wander to the east facing window, I
spy a butterfly mid flight; its wings shot through with
exotic colored hues.

In the distance thunder rumbles; a fresh brisk breeze
disrupts the flutter of flight, antennae twitch as fragile
orange dotted wings whisk the beauty out of sight. I sigh,
cuddle deeper into you, eyes heavy, adrift on a different
plane – my winged vision leads me to dance within the flame.




10 Replies to “Angel’s View”

  1. Wow! What an elegant vision! I like how romantic and yet sleepy it is, such comfort and sense of place. Thank you for sharing this, particularly in the midst of all your family fun. Drive safe and have a great time in Adelaide!

  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful imagery. The thunder in the background and the breeze that push the butterfly off its course made me think of how easily the good things in our lives can be scattered and lost if we let them.
    You should be proud, Eaton. 🙂

  3. The contrast between the breeze and the butterfly outside and the peaceful stillness inside is well done. The reader definitely sinks into the moment with your narrator. Nice job, Eaton!

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