It’s no secret that cats own the Internet. But how did that happen? I heard an interesting theory the other day. It regards the very nature of these beasts.
Cats’ canine counterparts require regular walks, or at least outdoor trips. Whether for mutual pleasure or simply to take care of business, this gives caretakers a chance to interact with others alongside their animal companions.
Felines are very different. If they do go outside, they are unlikely to be leashed or want anything to do with humans. When visitors come to my house they are lucky to see a single cat. The creatures notoriously hide and mine have even lost interest in sneaking outdoors as they age.
So what do proud cat lovers do? They commune via websites. My own feline friends have pages on Catster, though I rarely spend time there these days.
I’ve learned a lot since being adopted by a stray after a lifetime of family dogs, but feline behavior still leaves me baffled on a regular basis. As it happens, BuzzFeed presents a hilarious commentary on this. Maybe you have seen it but, if not, you should. Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “An Interesting Factoid for Your Tuesday

  1. O.

    I think I just pulled a muscle laughing! THANK you for sharing this. ~giggles~

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! There are other videos where the group targets the actions of babies and Disney characters which I need to check out.

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