All the Trees in Pearl

I just finished reading Emily Ryan-Davis’s, All the Trees in Pearl. Set in Colorado in 1868, it’s the story of a woman who travels across the country to marry one man, and ends up finding another. The attraction is evident from the start and you don’t have to wait long to get some steamy sex scenes between our hero and heroine.

The characters themselves were a little contradictory. The heroine sways between being perfectly proper and a lustful lady. The hero is equally undecided between being harsh and unforgiving or the perfect prince. Most of the story fit the ranch/western feel of the setting well, although there were a few things that didn’t seem to jive with what I think of as being typical of that period.

However, this is an erotic story and the sex was very hot! It is frequent, non-monotonous, and has a very real feel to it.

I’d definitely recommend All the Trees in Pearl as a light, fun read, with plenty of heat to back it up!


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  1. Sounds good Kat! If it’s from Ellora’s Cave I’m sure that the sex starts early and just keeps coming. It’s what they’re known for. Good review ~

  2. Great review, Kathleen.
    I also tried commenting on your blog, but I don’t use a blogger account, and the Open ID thing doesn’t work for me, so…
    I hope you have a great vacation. 🙂

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