Writer Wednesday – The Dangers of the Echo Chamber and Why Handwriting Is Important

We are surrounded more and more by media - social media, augmented reality games, television commercials at gas stations; the list goes on.  I'm the first to admit that the internet can bring people together - I am, after all, writing this on  blog I started with some friends, all of whom are geographically scattered. But I have noticed the echo chamber can have an unhealthy effect.  Psycho...
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Darla’s Writer Wednesday – Inspiration

Dear friend and gifted writer Nicole Gordon once gifted me an inspirational book. It’s called “Rip the Page! Adventures in Creative Writing” and offers all sorts of open-ended writing experiments, encouragement from writers and poets, and enough blank pages to let your words roam. That’s taken from the cover, by the way, and fittingly descriptive. Karen Benke and company clearly wish to instill...
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Writer Wednesday – My Third Act Struggle

On August 26th my endeavor to follow Alan Watt’s workshop “The 90 Day Novel” stalled. For a time I blamed stress over various family concerns. I think now that was an empty excuse. After all, my dry spell totals a surprising eleven days while real life drama escalated months ago.What has changed? I floundered my way into the story’s third act.Was I lazy during my fallow period? No. But was I trul...
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Writer Wednesday – Writing In the Face of Life

Image ©2015 A. Catherine NoonAll Rights ReservedThough John Lennon is credited with "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans," it's apparently Allen Saunders who first said it. Regardless of who it was who came up with it, they were right.  It's always something.  Which, coincidentally, is the title of a book by Gilda Radner, It's Always Something.So how doe...
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Writer Wednesday – New Release, News, and a Question

I'm very excited! The next novel in the Emerald City Shifters is out - SEALED BY MAGIC. We're so excited with the cover; Valerie Tibbs is the artist and she did a fantastic job. The cover art process is interesting. We fill out a form with information about the book including the plot, character descriptions, and key descriptions. Valerie took that little bit of information and made an a...
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Darla’s Writer Wednesday

It’s rare that my scheduled blog posts line up on consecutive days. Since this is one of those cases, I would like to further address creative goals for this Writer Wednesday. Many people who know me are probably aware that I do not consider myself good at setting goals.And I have a tendency to edit while I’m writing a first draft. Though the dual process may work for some authors, it’s really not...
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Writer Wednesday – The Sagging Middle

Sunrise Over Evanston or, What's the "O" For?  Oh, my God, it's early! (Thank you Robin Williams!)Image Copyright 2015 A. Catherine Noon; All Rights ReservedSo, those of you who are paying attention will notice that it's actually Thursday.  Yup.  This may give you some indication of my state of the state, compounded to the fact that someone seems to have ripped May out of my calenda...
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Writer Wednesday – With Guest Leela Lou Dahlin!

Noony, here! I'm tickled pink to introduce my buddy from the Nice Girls Writing Naughty group, Leela Lou Dahlin. She's our special guest for this week's Writer Wednesday. Please make her feel welcome!Take it away, Leela!* * *Being a writer… it’s something that I’ve always done but it wasn’t until recently that I became serious about being a published author. Someone recently I was on a site tha...
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Planting the Seeds – Darla’s Creative Garden

March is not yet half over, but spring seems nearly here in my little corner of the world. Today I saw a crocus blooming in my garden. More exciting is the fact our migrating vultures have returned in droves, filling (!) a neighborhood tree. All the same, May’s vegetable planting season remains far off. So I have made plans for April, enough to keep me busy before I can seriously dig in the dirt.O...
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Writer Wednesday – Walking Darla

There is so much writing software available today it makes me dizzy. A friend recently raved about something to the degree that I decided to try it out.Sure.Fine.Step one, it’s officially installed. Since then I have imported one story and begun several others.Wonderful.Fantastic.Guess what software I’m using for this blog post. No, don’t waste your time. I’m typing in Microsoft Word.Yeah.Splendi...
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