How to Create an Oral History for your Family; or Unforgettable and Unfortunate Things my Kids have Done

How to Create an Oral History for your Family;  or Unforgettable and Unfortunate Things my Kids have Done by Evey Brown It happens almost every time my family gets together, someone says, “Mom, tell us again about the time…” and a certain child is singled out for embarrassment.  The whole family laughs and the forenamed child groans in pseudo shame.  And then everyone sits back as I retell the t...
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Things My Grandpa Taught Me – O for Orion

2016-04-18 Letter O
  I spent my summers on my grandfather’s farm, a truly rural place that seemed to be on another planet.  There were six street lights down the only paved road in town, one general store and a school house that combined kindergarten through ninth grades in two small rooms with twenty students.  There were 130 residents there Grandpa would say; if you counted the sheep and cows. I worked ...
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Is It Inspiration, Invention or Insight? or, Where Do You Get Your Story Ideas?

2016-04-11 Letter I
When people ask me where I get my ideas for stories and I have no answer for them except; I keep my eyes open and “it comes to me.” It’s true, there is nothing new under the sun, no unimagined ideas, no unshared topics.  There is however an unnumbered ways of viewing those experiences. Take Romeo and Juliet for example - of course Shakespeare penned it back in Elizabethan times but it wa...
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“C” is for Crayon

2016-04-04 Pic 1
  I remember the joy that a new box of crayons would bring when I was young. The snazzy yellow box with the signature green stripes on the sides always took my breath away. The sight of all 64 colors in perfect order was like a magical glimpse of the rainbow made real in my hands. Burnt sienna, sandalwood, magenta and salmon; they were words I’d heard but these crayons were my first exp...
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