P Is For Prepper

P Is For Prepper - by Rachel Wilder All right world I can say it - I’m a Prepper! So many people give me the reaction that I’m crazy. That I’m actually hoping something horrible will happen so I can break out my canned goods and emergency radio. That people should suffer around me so I can test to see if my batteries are really good for ten years. That is the last thing on my mind. B...
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E is for Emergency

2016-04-06 Pic 1
A lot of my friends tease me about being a Doomsday Prepper because I grew up in hurricane country and tend to be prepared. For anything. Including, perhaps, zombies. But to be honest, an emergency can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. And information can be vital. So some questions everyone should ask themselves is … if something happens to me and I am hospitalized who will take care ...
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