Darla’s Writer Wednesday – Inspiration

Dear friend and gifted writer Nicole Gordon once gifted me an inspirational book. It’s called “Rip the Page! Adventures in Creative Writing” and offers all sorts of open-ended writing experiments, encouragement from writers and poets, and enough blank pages to let your words roam. That’s taken from the cover, by the way, and fittingly descriptive. Karen Benke and company clearly wish to instill...
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T is for Tastiness

Can a Whoopass
Okay, I’m not sure tastiness is a good subject title. But I’m ready for dinner. So sue me. And I didn’t get assigned the letter O but it is my own fault. I could have requested it. Then again, I wasn’t hungry at the time. ~shakes head~ Anyway, my super secret subject for today is a food I have not yet gotten the pleasure of trying – Japanese okonomiyaki. But I want to taste so badly I ca...
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N is for Nice Girls Writing Naughty

  Since I am not affiliated personally with the blog Nice Girls Writing Naughty, I feel it’s not inappropriate to promote the group. On the other hand our own very dear and talented team of A. Catherine Noon and Rachel Wilder are very justifiably represented. I can personally vouch that these two are both extremely nice. And they write some extremely delicious naughtiness. In case you h...
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H is for Hens

2016-04-09 Pic 1
This sounds like a very odd subject, chickens. In fact my choice tells you just how much I’m looking forward to vacation. You see, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina there is a little historic farm on Roanoke Island. The name is simply Island Farm. My partner and I appreciate the place for its history and also its hens. They are even a vintage breed, which fascinates us. And their clucks are ...
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B is for Blogging!

Happy April! I’m pleased to be contributing to the challenge this month with my talented friends. My own theme this spring is music from my collection and I nearly used Bile (as in the band) for my post here. Somehow, though, that name seemed just a little, well… gross. So I decided to blog about blogging. The art is not something at which I’m particularly prolific or gifted but have certai...
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Writer Wednesday – My Third Act Struggle

On August 26th my endeavor to follow Alan Watt’s workshop “The 90 Day Novel” stalled. For a time I blamed stress over various family concerns. I think now that was an empty excuse. After all, my dry spell totals a surprising eleven days while real life drama escalated months ago.What has changed? I floundered my way into the story’s third act.Was I lazy during my fallow period? No. But was I trul...
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Distracting Darla

Okay. Laptop battery is charged up, most of the day’s chores are done for now, and I found the perfect writing soundtrack.All I need is a few uninterrupted minutes. But that just doesn’t seem to be happening lately.Turning off the internet just does not appear to be enough. Not when someone else in the house is bored and determined to share every little thing. Apparently, my prime writing time mu...
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The Importance of Moving Around

Studies have been around for years stating that sitting for long periods can be detrimental to your health. I’ve read that office workers should stand at least once an hour if only for brief minutes. I know it can be tough when there is a constant flood of phone calls or emails, but I suggest setting some sort of unobtrusive timer so you don’t neglect yourself completely.Maybe a silent running st...
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